[Assist] [ASK] Qt Creator Conflicts with The Dependency Clang=11.x

Ade Malsasa Akbar malsasa at disroot.org
Thu Dec 2 02:16:25 GMT 2021

Hello, Parabola Community.

I failed to install Qt Creator thanks to one failed dependency to
satisfy, that is, clang=11.x.x. If I want qtcreator, I should first
install clang exactly version 11.x.x, but that package version does not
exist, so I cannot install the necessary clang and cannot install
qtcreator either. Of course, I had finished pacman -Syyu several times
before experiencing this error and sending this question. Here's my details:


Installing with pacman:

# pacman -s qtcreator

Returns this error:

"[...] cannot resolve clang-11.x.x., a dependency of qtcreator [...]
this following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable
dependencies: qtcreator [...] Do you want to skip [...]"

Installing with makepkg PKGBUILD:

$ makepkg PKGBUILD

Returns this error:

"Missing dependencies: [...] clang-11.x.x [...] could not resolve all

Installing the exact package version 11.x.x of clang:

# pacman -S clang at 11.x.x

Returns this error:

" not found "


How to solve this issue so I can finally install and use Qt Creator?

Thank you very much for all and everything. I apologize for my mistakes
in this email of mine as I am a new member.

Greetings and sincerely yours,

Ade Malsasa Akbar

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