[Assist] [ASK] [SOLVED] Installation Issue with "Error Retrieving Keys" Messages

Ade Malsasa Akbar malsasa at disroot.org
Thu Dec 2 01:43:06 GMT 2021

To Parabola Community,

On 21/11/21 19.47, Rémi Borfigat wrote:
> Hi Ade,
Hi Remi,
> No worries, these things are never easy.
> Welcome aboard!

Thank you very much this issue is now completely solved. Thanks to
Parabola developers, Denis Carikli and Bill Auger on the #parabola IRC,
they updated the necessary keyring packages in the repository and I
confirm that it fixes the problem. In short, I just need to re-populate
latest parabola-keyring into my installation session. I finally managed
to install Parabola to my virtual machine. I have two Parabola machines,
one with GNOME and one with KDE, both working normally and greatly now.
I want to spread Parabola to more people, so I documented my success as
articles too on website[1][2].

Sincerely yours,

Ade Malsasa Akbar




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