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quiliro at riseup.net quiliro at riseup.net
Sun Apr 11 07:21:02 GMT 2021

Katarina Rostova <rostovakatarina at protonmail.com> writes:

> https://gnu.support/richard-stallman/Ludovic-Court%C3%A8s-Guix-is-accusing-Stallman-of-Thoughtcrime-on-his-own-domain-GNU-org.html

I resigned from Guix because of this shameful behaviour.  After some
time, I noticed it was not such a great project.  It fails to work many
times.  But I would rather support a project where there are people who
are good to their peers than this tyrany.

I will also stop using any project which does not support Richard
Stallman.  It would be good to have a list of projects which do support
him in order to promote them.

Quiliro Ordóñez
FSFLA board member
ASLE president

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