[Assist] Eclipse (Java IDE)

edgar at openmail.cc edgar at openmail.cc
Mon Sep 14 00:55:44 GMT 2020

On 2020-09-13 10:52, joinlaw at cock.li wrote:
> I was going to recommend Inteliji Idea (community edition) to because
> it is ligheter and
> more resposive than eclipse

Good to know.

> but since you say you will use eclim
> (maybe with emacs or vi).

There can only be one! HAHAHA :P

> [...]
> I never used LSP but I do think to use it with programming languages I

I am weary of anything coming from Micro$hit (LSP)

> hate to configure in emacs because I only hand pick features in
> languages I like such as C.

I really do not understand, and you really do not need to explain.

Thank you very much, and I like your e-mail service provider :) .

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