[Assist] Eclipse (Java IDE)

edgar at openmail.cc edgar at openmail.cc
Fri Sep 11 23:53:00 GMT 2020

On 2020-09-11 07:46, grizzlyuser wrote:
> It seems one cannot install Eclipse IDE from official repos even in
> Arch Linux, because they have moved it to the AUR [1].

I once tried to install it in Trisquel. It was really painful. It does 
not surprise me to read this.

> Parabola's blacklist.txt [2] doesn't mention it, and I couldn't find
> any freedom issue logged for this specific set of packages in Parabola
> issue tracker either. So there appears to be no documented issues from
> our side.
> But, AFAIK, Eclipse has a feature to browse marketplace, and automatic
> installation of dependency packages for the user projects, where some
> packages can potentially have freedom issues.

Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that. It also connects to internet 
without users' previous authorization, now that I remember.

> I didn't try to build it
> using the PKGBUILD, so it's not clear if any dependencies are pulled
> from the network in the process.

I actually needed it for eclim (a package in the pcr repository), but I 
think that I am going to forget about this. I will create a bug about 
the dependency.

Thanks, grizzlyuser :) .

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