[Assist] Which graphics cards are supported by parabola?

mr.fantastic joinlaw at cock.li
Thu Sep 3 13:23:48 GMT 2020

Michael Novak writes:

> Is there a list of all the graphics cards that parabola (or any other fully
> free GNU / Linux distro) support?
> I heard that the most powerful cards are Nvidia Kepler architecture cards.
> Is that true? Because I've seen on the nouveau website that they support
> newer cards as well. Do these newer cards drivers are not fully free?
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Last GPU from nvidia that can run without binary blob is GTX 750 Ti
this is mid-grade card when they first port it to nouveau it was weaker
than older cards but now it should be improved but it don't know it its
stronger than kepler now.

you can search in phoronix articles and openbenchmarking and here are
some articles:





And for the case of AMD it is sad they are more involved than nvidia but
you can't found semi-modern card that can work without binary blob at
least they have quality semi-free driver but the bad news in parabola or
and FSDG distro 3D acceleration will not work only 2D.

The best GPU vender for GNU systems in Intel but their gpu is weaker
than nvidia and amd but the good news they are planning to release
stronger gpu for both internal and discrete and we hope the driver will
stay libre like now.

latest intel processor come with good iGPU that can run OpenGL 4.6 and
vulkan (which is not in nouveau) and they can almost all modren libre
games and design software like blender.

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