[Assist] Can't post on the forum – "too many non-dictionary words"

Reg reg at disroot.org
Tue Sep 17 09:52:11 GMT 2019

Hi all,

I tried to post a message on the forum this morning
(https://labs.parabola.nu/boards) and got the following error: "Sorry,
that post has too many non-dictionary words. Consider attaching a file
or linking to a paste website for command-line outputs." as well as
"Sorry, in order to prevent spam, there are posting constraints on
members newer than 2 days, and with fewer than 2 posts. Please try again
in 20 minutes.".

Here's the message I was trying to post:

> Hi guys,
> Icedove has been flagged as outdated since May. What's blocking the
> Not nagging, just curious :)

Maybe the filter needs some tweaking?

Happy hacking,
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