[Assist] Package request - seafile

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Oct 11 00:51:35 GMT 2019

i will assume that this request is for the GUI client
'seafile-client'? - the 'seafile' package is just the client

the seafile system appears to be fairly popular on AUR with
plugins for dolphin and nautilus; and at first glance, the
licensing seems to be acceptable - i would suggest that the
discussion includes the other related programs, at least the

core software:

* seafile        
  - (GPLv2 with OpenSSL linking exception)  
  - client daemon
* seafile-client 
  - (apache-v2)                             
  - GUI client
* seafile-server
  - (AGPLv3 with OpenSSL linking exception)
  - server
* seahub         
  - (dubious)                               
  - web interface
tools and integrations:

* ccnet-server                 
  - (GPLv2)       
  - dependency of seafile, seafile-server
* libevhtp-seafile             
  - (BSD-3clause) 
  - dependency of seafile-server
* dolphin-seafile-plugin       
  - (BSD-3clause) 
  - dolphin plugin for seafile daemon
* mingw-w64-seafile-shared     
  - (GPLv2)       
  - win64 bindings from same codebase as 'seafile'
* nautilus-seafile             
  - (dubious)     
  - (supposedly) nautilus plugin for seafile daemon
* python-radicale-auth-seafile
  - (GPLv3)       
  - unclear how this relates
* python2-seafobj              
  - (apache-v2)   
  - dependency of seahub
* python2-wsgidav-seafile      
  - (MIT)         
  - dependency of seahub
* seafile-helper               
  - (GPLv3)       
  - server install/config helper

NOTE: the 'seahub' sources have a apache-v2 license, but include
3rd-party code under other licenses, most notably GPL, which
probably makes the program GPL effectively 

NOTE: 'seahub' has many python dependencies, many of which are
likely to not be packaged in arch - i did not look into any of

NOTE: 'python-radicale-auth-seafile' neither depends on nor is
required by anything related to seafile - its not clear what its
purpose is

NOTE: the 'nautilus-seafile' AUR package looks a bit fishy - it
is apparently nothing more than a fork of the upstream
'seafile-client'; but 415 commits behind - the PKGBUILD has a
broken upstream URL, and denotes the license as GPL where the
source code has an apache LICENSE

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