[Assist] Boot process halts before getty is reached

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Nov 5 08:25:12 GMT 2019

megver -

this may be something for you to look into?

leon - 

one word of advice is that you always keep at least two kernels
installed, most importantly including 'linux-libre-lts'

could you tell us which kernel and version you are booting? - 
if you are not sure, you can use a LiveISO to chroot into the
system and run this command:

  $ pacman -Qs linux-libre | grep '_gnu-'

while chrooted into the broken system, you can also install
'linux-libre-lts' - that should allow you to boot the system
again; but do note it's version also, just in case - i think a
new 'linux-libre-lts' was published earlier today

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