[Assist] 3 doubts about Parabola-OpenRC

ChacalyLobo chacalylobo at disroot.org
Thu Jan 24 15:18:58 GMT 2019

Hello, I installed Parabola-OpenRC in my old laptop.

First Doubt--->
When system it's loaded, before login appears:

modemmanager[1847]: <info> couldn't check support for device 
'/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.0 : not supported by any plugin

nm-dispatcher: req:3 'connectivity-change': new request (1 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:3 'connectivity-change': start running ordered script...

I read Arch Wiki and found :

Spanish Wiki explain how to clean it in Systemd, but not in OpenRC:

# systemctl enable NetworkManager-dispatcher.service && systemctl enable 
# systemctl start NetworkManager-dispatcher.service && systemctl start 

Second Doubt--->
When I tried to modify network-manager-applet said unauthorized 
permissions, so, I found:


I did :
#nano /etc/pam.d/system-login
--session optional pam_systemd.so to --session optional pam_elogind.so

I think this is botched job...

Third Doubt:
When I boot appears:

owner root:uucp not found (What mean?)

Unkown group lp in message bus configuration group (What mean?)

Thanks you very much.

Pd: My linuxquestions post


Pd1: Why Parabola have not forum?

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