[Assist] Error with libaudit during upgrade

José Alberto libre at josealberto4444.com
Sun Jan 27 01:32:10 GMT 2019

On Sunday, 27 January 2019 02:15:03 CET bill-auger wrote:
> ok, that was probably the 'opensysusers' package - it is part of the
> 'base-openrc' group

That cannot be the case, as opensysusers wasn't being upgraded when this 
error appeared.

I tried reinstalling one by one all packages that got upgraded, and the one 
triggering opensysusers hook was util-linux. I installed audit and then 
reinstalled util-linux and the hook ran without errors, so I think 
everything is alright now.

Is this a bug? Should I report anything anywhere? For me, it seems that 
either opensysusers (hook provider) or shadow (usermod provider ---usermod 
was the command executed by the hook) should have audit as a dependency.


José Alberto

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