[Assist] Error with libaudit during upgrade

José Alberto libre at josealberto4444.com
Sat Jan 26 20:04:34 GMT 2019


I just upgraded an almost fresh installation of Parabola. With "almost 
fresh" I mean that I haven't installed many packages; I'm following arch's 
general recommendations and just created a user without root privileges.

The point is that when running post-installation hooks, this message appears 
8 times after hook "Creating system user accounts":

    usermod: error while loading shared libraries: libaudit.so.1: cannot 
open shared object file: No such file or directory

I don't have package audit installed, and I guess that's the problem, but, 
if it's needed by usermod, why wasn't it pulled as a dependency of package 

How can I know if something was broken? I should install audit, and what 
then? I don't know what system accounts were being created or what package I 
should reinstall.

By the way, is there any shorter way (with a different pacman flag, for 
example) to know who provides a command than this?

    pacman -Qo $(command -v usermod)

If I should post what packages were upgraded from pacman log, how can I copy 
that without a graphical environment? I don't have any in that computer, I'm 
writing this email from another computer.


José Alberto

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