[Assist] In the lasts weeks I could not post bugs

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Dec 31 04:24:12 GMT 2019

that error message should retry and disappear automatically,
by means of the 'meta-refresh' directive - maybe your browser is
not respecting that - what is most likely happening, is that your
account is very new, and your message was rejected forbeing too
lengthy or containing complicated words, such as URLs; and if
you had reloaded the page manually (as it should have done
automatically) you would see the warning about that

if that error message persists after reloading, it would
indicate a severe problem with the web-server, such that no one
would be able to use it in any way - freemor did something today
to address this report; but im not sure what the problem was, or
if there was any problem, or what was done to correct it

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