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Peter Littmann peter.littmann at gmx.de
Sat Dec 14 23:34:14 GMT 2019


may I remember you to my hint about the security risk of still using
Mediawiki version 1.26 as it is shown here:


At Mediawiki they state regarding this:

*To users of MediaWiki versions 1.30 and earlier:*Support of these
branches was discontinued. Please update to a newer version of MediaWiki:

  * MediaWiki 1.33.1 (download
    - stable

  * MediaWiki 1.31.5 (download
    - long-term support (LTS)

You still use i18n (localisation) on your wiki. I guess, cause it seems
not to need a additional exension, right?

But when you think it further, would it not be nice when the
contributors to the wiki could simply create a new template by doing
copy and paste from the Mediawiki-site? But they do extensive use of the
translate-statements in their templates.

So I like to suggest that you also permit the use of the

Or, a other way, which he ArchLinux-wiki goes is, that they permit the
interwiki-extension. By this they allow every language-Team to work on
their own...

Which may better fit to them cause they have a real big wiki were not
for all languages are the teams in a comparable contributors-amunt.

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