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Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Sat Dec 14 12:46:52 GMT 2019

Also Please do not cross post the same messages to multiple mailing lists. 
It creates un-necessary noise (And apologies to the list for not noticing the
my last reply was going to a crosspost). It will not get positive attention any
faster and in fact as it is a breach of netiquette I'll probably just annoy

On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 12:08:52PM +0100, Peter Littmann wrote:
> Good Morning Sirs!
> I am using your IRC through your Webinterface, Cactus or so.
> There I got a question from the user HEX0 at 6:22:24 regarding our business.
> So, after my waken up I started to answer him at 9:51:39 with  my first
> answer which is 8 lines long.
> ! Than I got a information in the IRC that the connection is
> disconnected. So it seems my following answers from 10:39:52, 11:09:17
> ad 11:10:29 can*t find their way to him.
> May question now is:
> Would you please check this connection problem or am I blocked cause my
> answer is to long?
> Please assist me!!!
> Thanks in advance
> Best regards
> Peter Littmann, Berlin Germany
> P.S.: I will going to publish my answer now at wikimedia and sent you
> the link when this is done.
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