[Assist] GDM.service is not working

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Sep 30 19:32:29 GMT 2018

this would take a good deal of time to give troubleshooting advice
by email - the thing to do is first to eliminate GDM from the equation
and see if you can start X from the command line, then read the X error
log if it fails - if that works, then try starting a GNOME session from
the command line - if that works. then you can probably stop there and
declare success; as a DM is not really necessary for most people - if
you can not get GNOME working either, i would suggest using something
lighter like LXDE - of course, it would be good to find out exactly why
GNOME wont start and fix it, if that the case; but it's unlikely that
would happen via email - someone would need to be able to reproduce the
same problem you see - off-hand, i dont know anyone who uses GNOME on

some key information would be:
* how did you install parabola?
* did you install systemd or openrc?
* what is your computer's architecture?
* has parabola ever worked on that same computer?
* has parabola + GNOME ever worked on that same computer?
* has parabola + LXDE ever worked on that same computer?

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