[Assist] Connection OK, wicd clients say: disconnected (+ wi-fi hardware cables)

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Fri May 25 02:36:29 BST 2018

El 24/05/18 a las 08:07, Rudolf Dovičín escribió:
> Hello, dear supporters. :-)
> I have bought refurbished Atheros AR5BXB112 AR9380 to my ThinkPad X200
> with Libreboot.
> It seems to work well (wicd-gtk show lot of networks from my
> mini-routher and from people in my neighbours, etherape shows, that it
> is working, when I am browsing, browser is working without connected
> LAN cable...)
> What is strange, wicd-gtk, wicd-cli show, that both, my cable and my
> wi-fi interfaces are disconnected.
> But I can connect to wi-fi by wicd-gtk, only graphics stop working:
> Progress bar start moving, it writes Connectin on it, but running
> rectagle freezes, all connections are in foggy/grey unclickable
> graphics.
> Status bar on the bottom writes: "Disconecting active connections..."
> But it turn on my wi-fi.
> Both
> wicd-cli -iz
> wicd-cli -iy
> writes "Connection status: Not connected"
> even if wi-fi was turned on by wicd-gtk and browsing is funcioning
> How is it possible?
> wicd.service is running.
> And I cannot connect enp0s25, wired connection.
> wicd-cli -cz writes:
> Connecting to wired connection on enp0s25
> Putting interface down...
> Resetting IP address...
> Flushing the routing table...
> Putting interface up...
> Obtaining IP address...
> done!
> But it is not working: When I turn off wi-fi on mini-router, I lose
> connection to Internet.
> Please, what can be wrong? How to inspect it? And how to correct it?
> wicd-curses crashes, probably because I have my wi-fi name with
> diacritics, it says on trying to start:
> "UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc4 in position
> 4: ordinal not in range(128)"]
> BTW: Hardware Maintenance Manual for X200 about wi-fi card says:
> "In models with wireless LAN card that has three antenna connector,
> plug the gray cable (MAIN) into the jack labeled TR1, the white cable
> (3rd) into jack labeled R0 or TR3, and the black cable (AUX) into jack
> labeled TR2 on the card."
> But my card has connectors with names CH0, CH1 & CH2.
> I guessed it by number order TR1 => CH0, TR2 => CH1, TR3 => CH2.
> Is it able to be working with wrongly connected cables? (E.g. Antennas
> with swapped frequencies, or both frequencies together so it will gain
> lesser part of signals?)
Is there any reason why you don't use NetworkManager? You can use the
nm-connection-editor package for that (and network-manager-applet for
notifications), and in CLI/Ncurses you've nmtui

In the other hand, if you really want to use wicd, is there anything
else in your logs?


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