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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat May 19 16:42:28 BST 2018

On 05/19/2018 10:36 AM, Jonathan Lapointe wrote:
> Game who is said to be free, cause you don't pay to play it. could not
> be acceptable to have on the system.  It is because the game is not
> opensource? Is there a way to install from Aur and still have a
> libre/free system after all.  Or should we have nothing from Aur on the
> system. Many games are in Aur, but are supposed to be free.  I would
> like some explanation.

everything has to be open source - that is the core principle that makes
the disrto 100% free/libre - it has nothing to do with money - if you
did not know that already, it is curious why you are apparently so
passionate about having such a system

there is both free and non-free software in the AUR and anything can be
added there by anyone with no review whatsoever - the catalog changes
daily so it is impractical to filter - there is stuff in there that are
duplicates and some stuff that does not even work - the people who put
things in there often never return to answer questions or answer their
email - the AUR is very much: "use at your own risk" - even archlinux
does not officially support it

to be clear, for the most part, all open source and "freeware" is: "use
at your own risk" - the difference is that distro maintainers work hard
to ensure that the experience is as trouble-free as possible; but only
if you install all of your software from official distro repos - the AUR
is no different from any software you get from any third-party - if you
install anything that is not provided by parabola, then you may have
problems; and we are not obligated to help you fix them (or even allowed
to, in the case of non-free software)

with that being said, no one is here to tell you what you can or can not
do with your computer - that is freedom #0 - you may want to read about
the four essential freedoms[1] - parabola exists to provide the option
of a 100% free system for those who want one - it is entirely up to you
to decide what you want to install on your system - if you are
interested, you can read the FSDG guidelines that specifies what a 100%
free/libre disrto must be

[1]: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
[2]: https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.html

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