[Assist] gnome3 unusable after installing your-privacy

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Mar 20 00:15:12 GMT 2018

you replied only to me privately and not the public list - so will
repost this - please remember to use "reply to all" for mailing lists

i do not have an answer for this - perhaps someone else has experience
with gnome - offhand, i can only say that if gnome really requires that
geo-location package then gnome will probably need to be added to the
'your-privacy' blacklist unless/until it can be made to run without it
the geo-location feature - so that installing 'your-privacy' will remove
gnome entirely - which could be very clumsy if gnome is the only desktop

On 03/19/2018 06:46 PM, Dika SP wrote:
> > -please do let us know if that solves the problem
> I tried removing and reinstalling packages back and forth and found that
> geoclue2 is the problem and it is in your-privacy blacklist
> install geoclue2 will make gnome shell unable to start, uninstall it
> the problem sadly with your-privacy also removed
> i dont know the main cause yet, looks like it is some problem of unknown
> gnome packages who needs geoclue2 service
> > -and just to be clear:
> > did you have gnome working on parabola before installing the
> > 'your-privacy' package?
> yes,  gnome will be working again by uninstalling your-privacy  and
> reinstall gnome

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