[Assist] Fwd: Re: Telegram & Non-Free SaaSS

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Mon Jul 16 05:51:32 BST 2018

Brett Gilio wrote:
> However, could you explain to me the point of comparison between
> XMPP/IRC and Telegram? Are you suggesting that XMPP/IRC work by
> interfacing with a proprietary server-side protocol?

not at all. i'm just repeating a fact established at [1]; namely, that
you as a user of a network service shouldn't mind if the third-party
server is running free software (when it comes to trusting its
behaviour). all else being equal, you are just as helplessly at the
mercy of the server in both cases.

there are good reasons for preferring documented protocols with full
free software implementations (like running an instance yourself or
with friends), but retaining control of your computing is not one of
them in general. e.g., the third-party XMPP server you connect to could
deny you service, retain and expose your data, etc.

for the record, of course telegram is below something like XMPP in
my "nice IM protocols" list.


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