[Assist] Fwd: Re: Telegram & Non-Free SaaSS

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Mon Jul 16 02:59:07 BST 2018

bill-auger writes:
> ring is working on offline messages for their next release - i 
> have
> not asked how it will be implememted - maybe on the blockchain?

I am not aware of the specifics, either. But I was under the 
that even XMPP has an asynchronous messaging feature. Maybe I am 

> the main issue with a mediator is of course, privacy more than 
> freedom
> - as for the FSDG, the more important concern is the issue of 
> the
> server sending scripts willy-nilly to clients - that is a trend 
> that
> is likely to continue and grow in the future - a practice that 
> it is
> probably safe to say the original creators of the good 'ol IRC, 
> email,
> XMPP protocols would have considered as insideous

The orthogonal point to this could be made for youtube-dl. 
Although the
FSF has corrected their former statement of youtube-dl fetching 
executing non-free JS to fetching and parsing non-free JS, the 
case of
Telegram here is sort of under the same umbrella.

If Telegram works to communicate with a server that runs software 
is freedom restricting by the nature of the service (although, I 
concede that RMS is correct in stating that a service should not 
judged by the ability of a user to audit its contents), I wonder 
Telegram falls under the guidelines of what the FSF would consider

In an alternate dimension, the point here would be moot because 
would not work in such a way.

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