[Assist] Fwd: Re: Telegram & Non-Free SaaSS

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Mon Jul 16 01:23:25 BST 2018

bill-auger  wrote :
 > GNU-ring (and many others) can accomplish every task that telegram
 > can (and more) without any proprietary mediator

just "mediator". RMS is right to point out that we should drop the
"proprietary" qualifier when it comes to services, since even a free
copy of a middle-man program could be (re)programmed to mess with

on the technical side, there's actually one feature P2P IM programs
like GNU Ring or Tox can't accomplish (yet) but server-client
analogues can: offline messages. that said, i would claim that every
other feature amenable to a P2P solution is unnecessarily seizing
control from users (whether the server software is proprietary or
not), and therefore makes it SaaSS.

since our community doesn't see XMPP and IRC clients as problematic
additions to our repositories, we probably have no standing to take
away free clients that communicate with proprietary servers, like

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