[Assist] Octopi Conflicts

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Sat Jul 14 06:15:25 BST 2018

Drew writes:

> Thanks.  Got it for future reference.

This email list thing is a learning curve, with a heap ton of 
rules. Generally, guidelines are to append your statements to the 
(except in some lists), keep your signatures less than five lines
(except in some lists), reply to all (in /every/ list), do not use
rich-text or HTML (except in some lists, usually those that use 
as their provider (I do not know why Racket insists on this, when 
used to use Mailman), erase any trailing whitespace or unnecessary
detail (except in some lists), so on.

You will get the hang of it.

Brett M. Gilio
Free Software Foundation, Member
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