[Assist] Octopi Conflicts

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Sat Jul 14 03:47:31 BST 2018

Drew writes:

> That did the trick!  Thank you very much to you and Brett for 
> sticking
> with this and helping me to work through it.  Very much 
> appreciated :)

I am really happy you got this figured out.

> In answer to your previous question, I use Zoho webmail and it 
> has never caused a problem (of which I have been made aware) in 
> any other context.  I have been sending emails in rich text 
> mode.  Would it be better if I used plain text mode for this 
> list?

Plaintext is always cheaper on resources, and is generally 
preferred for
free-software mailing lists. Some lists even mandate it.

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