[Assist] Fwd: Re: Octopi Conflicts - More Issues

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Sat Jul 14 01:49:22 BST 2018

Drew writes:

> Brett: I did not receive any keyring error messages during 
> installation. I mentioned in an earlier email that in all my 
> installation attempts (including the last, successful one) I 
> have been receiving a pink highlighted FAIL message: failed to 
> start dhcpcd on wlp2s0 Bill: Yes, I did enter Y at each prompt 
> regarding one of the components of the Octopi package. I did try 
> entering N but that just aborted the upgrade procedure on the 
> spot. So I entered Y each time and the upgrade proceeded, 
> apparently normally, to the very end where it referred to the 
> two error files I have identified earlier and then aborted the 
> upgrade without installing anything. Regards, Drew ---- On Fri, 
> 13 Jul 2018 17:28:01 -0700Brett Gilio <brettg at posteo.net> wrote 
> ---- Drew writes: > Fresh "complete" .iso (not the netinstall) 
> downloaded yesterday > (Jul > 12-18). You did not receive any 
> keyring errors during the installation? I assume not. I don't 
> know much about the Calamares-based installer, but I'd think 
> that'd throw you an error and trigger an exit before the 
> bootloader was installed and configured. I could be wrong. Maybe 
> Bill can chime in. P.S. You responded off list again, please 
> make sure to reply to all or reply to list in your client.

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