[Assist] Octopi Conflicts

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Fri Jul 13 06:47:22 BST 2018

On 07/13/2018 12:43 AM, Drew wrote:
> No, not really but if I enter Y and remove Notifier, the next thing that 
> comes up is a conflict with each of the other Octopi addons in turn.  
> Then finally, it aborts the update anyway.  If you don't mind a 
> voluminous email, I can go through that entire procedure and send you 
> what the terminal returns.
> Actually, I can easily update from the command line (although Octopi is 
> handy for searching for packages) but as things stand now, I can't even 
> do that because the broken Octopi dependencies are blocking everything.
> /*Drew*/

try pacman -Rsc octopi-notifier and let me know what it returns before 
commiting it.

P.S. you replied off list, please respond on list.

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