[Assist] Freedom Issue - Telegram Desktop

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Wed Jul 11 02:32:50 BST 2018

An update and a translation from the Freenode IRC channel, I have filed 
a freedom-issue regarding telegram-desktop. While I encourage you to 
check the IRC logs for more information, a brief summary of the issue is 
that the telegram-desktop client and its appropriately building 
libraries are GPL/LGPL, but it only functions based on an interaction 
with a non-free SaaSS. If it were to have any other functionality, this 
would be a non-issue.

An email has been sent to the FSF on the matter, as I suspect this is a 
matter of precendence and is likely applicable to a few other 
FSF-endorsed GNU/Linux distributions.


      How Service as a Software Substitute Takes Away Your Freedom


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