[Assist] Falkon Install Failed

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Tue Jul 3 11:56:36 BST 2018

On Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 07:47:38PM -0700, Drew wrote:
> "The other option is to try installing it without qt5-webengine and see what
> happens: # pacman -S --assume-installed qt5-webengine falkon" This command
> completed successfully and the icon was placed in the Internet category of
> the Menu but the program won't run. Drew


  I think that perhaps you've missed what others are trying to say /

  qt5-webengine == the guts of chrome == all kinds of google telemetry and
  					 other freedom issues

  Falcon is just a wrapper around qt5-webengine. So basically just a re-skinned

  Parabola does not carry software that will damage your freedom in this

  This leaves you 3 workable options. 

  1.)  Use a different browser
  2.)  Take some other action and give up your freedom.
         These would include:
	 a.) Manually install qt5-webengine (not recommended nor supported in
	 c.) Move to a different Distro (again giving up your freedom)
  3.) Re-write Falcon to use one of the freedom respecting rendering engines

I would strongly suggest going with option 1, and filing a bug  report on
https://labs.parabola.nu that the Falcon package should be removed from the
Parabola repos. Unless you have the time and skill to pull off, and then
maintain option 3 which would give the world a freedom respecting version of

I hope that this helps to make the situation more clear.


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