[Assist] Problem with coreboot vs libreboot

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Tue Dec 18 14:31:45 GMT 2018

On Fri, 14 Dec 2018 20:04:01 +0100
Ben <uaqben at disroot.org> wrote:

> Hi All,

> The odd thing I have is that I can't get the x230 to unlock and boot
> my parabola drive (ie. taking it out of x200, and putting it in x230).
> coreboot can unlock & boot antergos (lvm / luks; though /boot is not
> encrypted)
> but coreboot fails to unlock my parabola drive.
in make menuconfig you can configure which modules are included and
autoloaded in the grub payload.

Here's an example of modules that might work:

all_video archelp ata at_keyboard blocklist boot boottime btrfs cat
cbfs cbls cbmemc cbtime chain cmosdump cmostest cmp configfile cpio
cpuid crc64 cryptodisk crypto cs5536 datehook date datetime diskfilter
disk div dm_nv echo ehci elf eval exfat ext2 extcmd fat file fshelp
gcry_crc gcry_rfc2268 gcry_rijndael gcry_rsa gcry_seed gcry_serpent
gcry_sha1 gcry_sha256 gcry_sha512 gcry_twofish gettext gfxmenu
gfxterm_background gfxterm_menu gptsync gzio halt hashsum hdparm help
hexdump iorw iso9660 jpeg keylayouts keystatus ldm linux16 linux
loadenv loopback lsacpi lsmmap ls lspci luks lvm lzopio mda_text
memdisk memrw minicmd mmap morse mpi msdospart multiboot2 multiboot
nativedisk newc nilfs2 normal odc offsetio ohci part_gpt part_msdos
parttool password password_pbkdf2 pata pbkdf2 pcidump pci play
priority_queue probe procfs progress random read reboot regexp
relocator romfs scsi search_fs_file search_fs_uuid search_label search
serial setjmp setpci sfs sleep spkmodem squash4 syslinuxcfg tar
terminal terminfo testload test testspeed time trig tr true udf uhci
usb_keyboard usb usbms usbserial_common usbserial_ftdi usbserial_pl2303
usbserial_usbdebug verify video_colors videoinfo xzio"

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