[Assist] Problem with coreboot vs libreboot

Ben uaqben at disroot.org
Fri Dec 14 19:04:01 GMT 2018

Hi All,

I've been using Parabola, very happily, with Libreboot for a couple of
years appx.

Recently, I got a second machine, Thinkpad x230, and compiled my first
coreboot rom, with GRUB as payload. Flashed the x230, and all good.

I added a small msata to the x230; installed antergos (to go fast) for
work I'm required to use things like slack :(

I also replaced the wifi for another atheros.

So, instead of lugging two laptops around, I'd like to have my parabola
running on the x230 too.

The odd thing I have is that I can't get the x230 to unlock and boot my
parabola drive (ie. taking it out of x200, and putting it in x230).

coreboot can unlock & boot antergos (lvm / luks; though /boot is not

but coreboot fails to unlock my parabola drive.

I tested installing a fresh parabola on a different hdd in the x230, but
same problem.

As my x200 parabola runs with GPT, two partitions (swap, and then a
BTRFS volume), and the Antergos install is MBR (swap & EXT4).

I tested fresh parabola install both running off BTRFS and EXT4.

No difference.

Trying to see if the problem is due to coreboot's grub's support for
GPT, I searched, and realized that I hadn't added `gptsync` in the
coreboot config for GRUB payload. Whereas this module is included in

I rebuilt another coreboot rom with `gptsync` (it already had
`part_gpt`), but same result.

Last idea I have, is maybe I need to add a GRUB module for the
`whirlpool` encryption (ie. from Parabola wiki install w/ Libreboot; and
same recommendation on libreboot.org's install parabola document)

I can give more (precise) info, anything required to understand/help me
troubleshoot this -- but first I think I should ask if this mailing list
is appropriate for my problem.. or if I should rather ask for help from
libreboot and/or coreboot projects.

I think people here have Parabola running off both libreboot & coreboot
machines -- so that's why I thought a good idea to ask for help here first.



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