[Assist] ugly fonts in iceweasel/icecat/icedove

A K balasz at arcor.de
Wed Sep 27 09:32:51 BST 2017

Thanks Dika! Your description is better than mine. Letters become obscure, some straight lines seem to vanish, others seem to be bold. I started using another system for surfing the net.


The problem is not the font that has been installed (I also have ttf-dejavu) but something changing fonts in my web browsers and mail client. I didn‘t touch the settings but even if I do now, it does not solve the problem.

I did install a font and made all adjustments (hinting, rgb, antialiasing and so on) some 5 years ago and it worked ever since. There have always been minor changes due to updates but there has never been a change that felt so exhausting on the eyes.

It looks like only icedove, icecat and iceweasel are affected.

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