[Assist] Can't boot after fresh install

Andrew andrew.comly at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 13:41:59 GMT 2017

Hi, I am running a parabola OpenRC 	LXDE after gui installing from a  	 OpenRC 	LXDE 	Dual (i686 and x86_64) iso.  Hardware: Samsung NC110 netbook(purchased 2011).  I checked the sha512sum before installing. 

I ran the GUI installation procedure, and completed all ~5 sections: 1] format and mount partitions; 2] install Base system; 3] grub installation; 4] system configuration; 5] create user account; 6] Install live DVD desktop applications.

Upon completion I rebooted and arrived at a tty2 click screen, prompted with:
-bash: startx: command not found

I then entered "caja --force-desktop"
But this distribution is not the desktop environment mate, so I didn't get any response from this. 

Should I go back and install the whole thing over via the installation guides: 
But aren't they both are written for mate? I have the LXDE version.  What should I do?

My experience: 2 years self-study learning bash programming on tldp.org via their advanced bash shellscripting online textbook on trisquel mini 7.0.  

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