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> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > - Qualcomm Atheros is only recently liberating theirs hardwares
> im not sure what that pertains to but i can say that the 'ath*' drivers
> have been free software for many years

I got the information from here:
At the "ath9k_htc" line, there are 3 notes [4], [5] and [6]. It is written
that it is from 1 May 2015. So according to my point of view, this is
quite recent indeed.

> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > I should assume GPL is safer than ISC, right?
> safer? in what regard? a wifi driver is not a weapon and a software
> license is not armor - what is your concern exactly?

According to this page:
in the ISC licence there are "?" so we do not know if it is allowed or
not. And I have checked about what is a permissive licence and I
have found this:
For a better future we should guarantee to the future generations that
our work today will remain free and libre, available to the public
domain and why not a commons.
I remind that google used open-source projects in the past to develop
Chrome, a spy and big data tool today. And the code of Chrome is of
course closed. In my opinion, companies should not take the work
from libre or open-source projects to develop another private project
where there are the only ones taking the benefits. In my opinion
private companies / investors should not benefit from
libre / open-source projects.
And ISC licence is from Internet Systems Consortium. I do not know
a lot about this consortium. But this is weird actually:
In conclusion why not using the best when it is already here, when it
already exists? According to this page again:
it would choose GPL licence.
In consequence, it makes sense to me giving support to Realtek
(which is GPL licence and being free for a long time)

> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > For those reasons I will in the best effort exclude the AR9271
> > chipset.
> i think maybe you should consider that
> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > In consequence, is there any physical shop where anyone can buy a
> > Penguin Wireless G USB Adapter?
> i dont know the names of which consumer products are it's equivalent but
> i can say that the penguin N150 is a very popular device (the NETGEAR
> N150 (WNA1100)) that has been widely sold for many years - i have one
> here

Unfortunately the penguin N150 uses the AR9271 chipset :-( However
the Penguin Wireless G USB Adapter uses the Realtek RTL8187B.

> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > Only by checking the products one by one inside the shop 
> yes that is exactly what i would do - and if the chipset is not marked
> on the outside of the package i would ask the shop-keeper - and if the
> shop-keeper did not know the answer i would say "i am going to buy this
> and if it does not work on my operating system i expect a refund" -
> better yet, if you have a laptop, bring it into the shop, and tell
> the shop-keeper to open the package and let you try it on your
> laptop there in the shop

Yes, why not ;-)

> On Mon 2017-10-16 10:56:06 PM - 192.ejaj at netcmail.com wrote:
> > or is there a list with specific end products / models that contain
> >the rtl8187 chip?
> h-node is the best resource for that
> https://h-node.org/wifi/catalogue/en

Thank you! I will look at it!

Cheers bill-augeur,

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