[Assist] Olimex and Cubieboard

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sun Nov 12 18:40:33 GMT 2017

Xavier B. wrote :
> I know that RaspberryPi has a necessary blob for booting
> [1] https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/single-board-computers

actually it's possible to avoid it nowadays, with certain caveats:


> But what about A20-olinuxino-micro and Cubieboard?

can't speak from experience, but what is said there about Allwinner
chips should hold true for Parabola. as Bill Auger said, you could
glean a very good picture of what may work and what shouldn't from
pages like those.

we don't quite target specific devices yet. for instance,
device-specific kernels are absent (with the exception of some
integrated Beaglebone patches); although a number of free bootloaders
are shipped for the devices you mentioned and others, aimed at
supporting the existing -libre kernels.[^1]

rather, a common denominator is offered that different devices could
benefit from to different extents.[^2] the community is more than
welcome to contribute more detailed installation guides, keeping in
mind that proprietary software is off-the-table.[^3]

[^1]: https://www.parabola.nu/packages/?sort=&q=uboot

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