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Fri Nov 10 14:15:22 GMT 2017

De : bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community>
> it is probably quite possible to read the used chipset on the outside of
> the package - it may not be large print on the front but it is probably
> in small print on the back of the package or inside the box

I have looked all outside of different packages and nothing was written
(only the model).

> in many cases you do not need to know the chipset model - you can search
> the h-node database using the model name on the package face such as
> "netgear" or  "N150"
>   https://h-node.org/wifi/catalogue/en

Unfortunately, there are a lot of models than I have found on the market
that are now listed within this website.

> but you can get the chipset model if you need it with the `lsusb`
> command like:
>   sudo lsusb -v

Ok. I will look on this command. Thank you.

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