[Assist] Snapper and OpenRC

Omar Polo omar.polo at europecom.net
Sun Jun 4 22:02:24 BST 2017


two days ago I reinstalled parabola on my laptop and I've decided to use
openrc as init system.

So far everything went well, but now I've noticed that snapper does not
work as expected.

Snapper is a tool to create and manage snapshots of BTRFS and LVM

The problem is that when I run any command that involves `snapper(8)` I
Operation not succeeded (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed).

BUT, if I start `snapperd` in some terminal, `snapper` suddenly start
working. Unfortunately `snapperd` stops itself after a short period of

Digging in the source code of snapper, I've understood that `snapperd`
relies on dbus for its activation. [^1]

Given this, how can I solve this problem? Manually running `snapperd`
could temporary fix this problem, but isn't something I'd like to do on
a daily basis.

I've tried to write an init.d script that starts `snapperd`, but
`snapperd` quit itself after inactivity.

Obviously all mentioned command were executed as root

* * *

[^1]: The snapper' systemd unit file is:
# DBus service activation config
[D-BUS Service]

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