[Assist] File conflict between texlive-science and texlive-htmlxml

Moritz Klammler moritz at klammler.eu
Wed Jul 26 12:17:41 BST 2017

I'm unable to successfully complete the update because of a file
conflict on /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/textgreek/textgreek.sty
which the texlive-science package wants to install.  Running pacman -Qo
tells me that the existing file is owned by texlive-latexextra
2016.42294-1.parabola1.  In case it matters: at the beginning of the
update, pacman asked me whether I wanted to replace texlive-htmlxml with
extra/texlive-formatsextra and I answered with the default "yes".  I
might just manually delete the file before running the update but I
think that this is something that should be fixed nonetheless.

  -- Moritz

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