[Assist] Can't boot, no luks map

Nathan Edson nathan at relapsus.com
Mon Jul 3 18:47:38 BST 2017


I am guessing that you are using a key file to unlock boot? This saves
you from entering the password to unlock your disc twice (once in grub,
once while booting)? 

I think this is where I am having an issue. I can boot the system by
booting manually at the grub shell:

grub> cryptomount -a
grub> set root='lvm/matrix-root'
grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre-lts root=/dev/matrix/root
grub> initrd /boot/initramfs-linux-libre-lts.img
grub> boot

I am also able to boot by editing my grub entry. Specifically by


I am still trying to determine what changed during the last update. 

On 07/03/17 - 08:50am, Jorge Araya Navarro wrote:
> I updated lvm2 today with no success :(
> El 3 de julio de 2017 7:16:06 GMT-06:00, Nathan Edson <nathan at relapsus.com> escribió:
> >
> >
> >On July 2, 2017 10:43:34 PM PDT, Jorge Araya Navarro
> ><elcorreo at deshackra.com> wrote:
> >>Hello, 
> >>
> >>After updating yesterday and rebooting today the issue were my LVM is
> >>not available for mounting and booting the system, leaving me in an
> >>emergency shell.
> >>
> >>From the emergency shell I see /dev/mapper have only the 'control'
> >>directory. After doing cryptsetup open /dev/sda1 lvm I can see my lvm
> >>stuff is available on /dev/mapper as 'root' and 'swapvol'.
> >>
> >>Everything was working fine until now, entering into the system with
> >>arch-chroot and doing mkinitcpio -P helps nothing, neither updating
> >the
> >>grub configuration with grub-mkconfig and updating the files in the
> >>Libreboot rom.
> >>
> >>Any help? 
> >>-- 
> >>Enviado desde mi dispositivo Android con K-9 Mail. Por favor, disculpa
> >>mi brevedad.
> >
> >I am having the same issue. 
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> Enviado desde mi dispositivo Android con K-9 Mail. Por favor, disculpa mi brevedad.

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