[Assist] Iceweasel hardened no audio

jc_gargma jc_gargma at iserlohn-fortress.net
Thu Jan 5 23:43:08 GMT 2017

> A problem I'm having is no audio when playing videos (for example on
> youtube). This does not happen with regular Iceweasel from parabola
> repositories.
iceweasel-hardened runs iceweasel through firejail with additional parameters 
and browser preferences.
>From what I gather of firejail's man page, the lack of audio is due to the 
firejail --private-dev parameter creating a virtual /dev directory that does 
not know about the existing physical audio devices.

> What can I do to solve this?
The simplest option would be to use the non-hardened iceweasel for times you 
require audio.
Alternatively, you could copy-paste the iceweasel-hardened script as another 
name, such as iceweasel-hardened-audio, removing the --private-dev parameter. 
This version would enable you to have audio and better than vanilla security 
without altering the hardened version reserved for regular usage.

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