[Assist] OpenRC LXDE iso = no joy

edgar at openmail.cc edgar at openmail.cc
Mon Dec 25 22:36:22 GMT 2017

On 2017-12-25 12:34, bill-auger wrote:
> im somewhat confused at this post - did you run those commands manually
> on the command line or were you summarizing the behavior of the
> install.sh script ?
I first tried with the script alone. Then, I realised by chance that 
something went wrong, so I tried to reproduce the steps in the scripts 
provided for installation, and tried to fix the steps which were giving 
issues. Once I thought I had issues down, I would run the script again 
and repeat the process. For instance, I had to comment out lxde, because 
there were some conflicts with consolekit and elogind. I don't know if 
that was appropriate. It was a poor attempt at recording what had gone 

> the first error would probably be corrected by refreshing the keyring
> before beginning the install process - this is the most common problem
> with all parabola ISOs after some time has past since they were built
If you mean the problem with libdbi, the install script took care of 
installing the keys. I kept trying, but noticed that I was getting the 
wrong package. Thus, I downloaded directly from the web.

> have you tried the systemdD ISOs ? it is possible to install from the a
> systemdD ISO and then swap out systemd for openrc -
I tried that too with LXDE. I got a blinking cursor on the screen. By 
the way, the LXDE Calamares installation fails if you try to encrypt the 

> there (is) also a
> wiki page devoted to installing an openrc parabola system manually
> https://wiki.parabola.nu/OpenRC
when I get Mate to work, I will try to switch to LXDE. Then, I will try 
to switch to OpenRC. May take weeks (limited time).

Thank you!


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