[Assist] iceweasel 49.0 ssl issues

Benoît benoit at neviani.fr
Sun Oct 2 20:28:38 BST 2016

So I am no the only one ! 
Got exactly the same behavior...(PDF, searching) + a lot of non working 
web sites...

On Sun, Oct 02, 2016 at 04:23:25PM -0300, Megver83 wrote:
>Me too, I can´t use the PDF viewer, when searching in the URL bar for
>something I have to use the search engine (otherwise it wont work), and
>in icedove, the Spanish language pack stop working (it´s everything in
>> Hi,
>> After upgrading to iceweasel 49.0 recently I have multiple errors on web
>> sites where I never had any error previously. SSL error and some web
>> site not displaying anything...
>> Some other parabola users with the same issue so far ?
>> Thanks
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