[Assist] Last upgrade broke lvm2 and I can't boot

Moritz Klammler moritz at klammler.eu
Sat Nov 19 21:34:42 GMT 2016

The same happened to me and (apparently) many others.  I'm somewhat
disappointed that the Arch project still didn't add an item on the NEWS
page for this even though it was suggested in their forums.  Maybe the
Parabola website can add a notice on its own?

The problem is that the order in which libreadline is updated and the
new kernel image is built is broken.  If you manually run

    # mkinitcpio -p ${KERNEL}


    # pacman -Syu

has completed (with an incorrect exit code claiming success when it
actually failed to create a bootable kernel image), everything will be

If you have already powered off the system, booting a live-system,
mounting your hard drive, chroot()ing into it and running `mkinitcpio`
from there also fixes the issue.

I'm sorry to hear that you cannot boot a live-system either.  I'm afraid
that you probably won't be able to fix your system without doing that.
I cannot diagnose what might be the problem that your Grub refuses to
boot a live-system and I'm also not an expert on this so I'm sorry for
somehow giving you a non-answer.  I'm posting this anyway in the hope
that it might help others from running into this (avoidable) situation
in the first place.  I can assure you that I have already successfully
bootet live systems from Libreboot's GRUB, though, so hopefully a more
experienced person will be able to diagnose your problem so you can fix
your system, too.

Jorge Araya Navarro <elcorreo at deshackra.com> writes:

> Yeah, I discovered this after an upgrade done to my system, today I
> was in the recovery shell and issuing 'lvm vgscan' throw this:
> lvm: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> The worst thing is that I can't boot a live cd, Libreboot's GRUB keeps sending
> me back to the menu or the command line without throwing errors of any kind. I
> don't have any other computer here or know someone running GNU to give me a
> hand and fix my laptop.
> Any suggestions? I'm desperate.


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