[Assist] Anyone else unable to play songs on bandcamp.com in IceCat?

pelzflorian (Florian Pelz) pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Sat Jul 2 20:26:52 BST 2016

On 07/02/2016 08:52 PM, Sergei Akhmatdinov wrote:
>> It does not. It’s a trade-off.
> If you allow your freedom to be compromised in any way, then the whole
> thing is gone.
> We won't ever be able to achieve complete software freedom so long as
> people keep making trade-offs. Trade-offs are the mentality of the open
> source non-movement, not the free software movement.

There was GNU software before free kernels. Trade-offs can be temporary.

>> While I tell people to use e-mail or XMPP to write me private
>> messages, something that they want to be announced publicly needs to
>> be on Facebook as long as that’s what most people in the audience use.
> Friends don't let friends use Facebook. If you give your friends
> alternatives by running, say, a Pump.io or a Diaspora* hub, they would
> switch. If they respect their and your freedoms, of course.

I want a free operating system on my laptop, so Parabola is important to
me. I also want a good free AGPL’d OStatus server implementation to
eventually exist. When I’m less busy learning for exams I want to help
build free software. It is the only way to make software that may
actually be good and useful in the long term.

However, Facebook is a content hosting platform and not only an
application. And it’s where the content is.

When and only when there are good OStatus implementations I will try to
convince others to switch. I don’t particularly like
JavaScript-requiring PHP implementations of OStatus. Facebook is worse
though and sandboxing is getting better on GNU/Linux (go Flatpak!), so I
may just try putting one on my rented server. Hopefully someday it will
be possible to announce university events on free networks and still
have people notice them.

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