[Assist] Anyone else unable to play songs on bandcamp.com in IceCat?

Sergei Akhmatdinov sakhmatd at riseup.net
Sat Jul 2 19:52:16 BST 2016

> It does not. It’s a trade-off.
If you allow your freedom to be compromised in any way, then the whole
thing is gone.

We won't ever be able to achieve complete software freedom so long as
people keep making trade-offs. Trade-offs are the mentality of the open
source non-movement, not the free software movement.

> While I tell people to use e-mail or XMPP to write me private
> messages, something that they want to be announced publicly needs to
> be on Facebook as long as that’s what most people in the audience use.
Friends don't let friends use Facebook. If you give your friends
alternatives by running, say, a Pump.io or a Diaspora* hub, they would
switch. If they respect their and your freedoms, of course.

> They’re trying to do so with LibreJS. LibreJS is horribly slow. Also I
> don’t need it, because the sites I use either don’t require JavaScript
> (most of them) or really are proprietary (Facebook and university
> sites).
I do agree that LibreJS is rather slow, which is why I use NoScript to
simply prevent any JS from running. If I really need JS for the site, I
can determine if it's trivial enough or if it's free.

I think LibreJS' biggest problem is the way it reads licenses.

Either way, you are free to run whatever you want, I am just seriously
questioning Parabola's integrity as a free software system, especially
after witnessing the long thread in [Dev] discussing whether to call the
Arch distro GNU/Linux or not. 

Sergei Akhmatdinov

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