[Assist] Anyone else unable to play songs on bandcamp.com in IceCat?

Sergei Akhmatdinov sakhmatd at riseup.net
Sat Jul 2 02:36:56 BST 2016

> >>> "Unable to play audio. Your browser must support native playback
> >>> of MP3 or you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed."
> >>>  
> >>
> >> That’s interesting. Is it still broken?  
> > 
> > As of right now, yeah, still broken, but with the latest update I
> > get infinite spinning discs and tracks that start, play nothing for
> > a few seconds, then stop. This time, no errors.
> >   
> >>
> >> My Icecat no longer played videos on Facebook with a similar error
> >> message since the day before yesterday, but today it works again.
> >> (Back then I still thought it was just another bug in that evil
> >> social network; there are plenty even with other peoples’ Firefox
> >> on Windows. I guess this one isn’t on them.) Maybe it’s the update
> >> to webrtc-audio-processing that fixed it? I don’t know.  
> > 
> > I've been unable to play Facebook videos since I don't know when (I
> > don't visit it much, unless I have to) and assumed it was some evil
> > DRM.
> > 
> > If you browse to bandcamp.com and hit play on something random
> > (anything really) are you able to play the track?
> >   
> Also: I checked with the website owners, and they said they haven't
> made any changes recently. So, it probably is an update that broke it.
> Browsers and website designers have an interesting/horrifying
> relationship.

Facebook and Bandcamp both rely on non-free code, so I am a bit shocked
to see this question being discussed here. 

Not to mention that MP3 is a tainted and patented audio format.

I'd check for you, but I would prefer not to run the ambiguously
licensed embedded player.

Way I see it, if it doesn't work, Icecat developers protecting you from
non-free web code is probably the reason.

Of course, in the end it's your choice to whether to run non-free code
or not, but I feel like it defeats the purpose of using Parabola.

Sergei Akhmatdinov

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