[Assist] Issue mounting device with 'pmount' and 'mount'

Scott Adams sradms0 at openmailbox.org
Fri Jul 1 15:37:36 BST 2016

I will plug in a usb drive, then run:

"pmount /dev/sdf1 scott"

The terminal will output:

"mount: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs'"

With 'mount':

mount /dev/sdf1

The terminal will output:

can't find /dev/sdf1 in /etc/fstab

Many, many times I have used both methods to mount this usb, and now the 

I found this, but really, why should I have to go through all of that 
when everything has worked before?

Anyway I could trace the source causing the problem?

(mounts just fine on my x200 running Trisquel)

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