[Assist] Parabola on the Beaglebone (Black, Green)

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Tue Dec 27 03:58:43 GMT 2016


Thanks for the advice!  I understand why Parabola's uboot packages are
modified the way they are.  I manually imported the gpg keys (thanks for
the advice!) and the kernel is now compiling on the BBG.  For some
reason I assumed that the packaging keyring for pacman would contain the
appropriate keys.  I read that is not the case on the Arch Wiki as well
after your e-mail.  I am on my way to figuring this out!  I have old
serial cables, but nothing to attach the the BBG at the moment, although
I may pick one up soon.  I'll send another e-mail to the list when I get
it working!


On 12/25/2016 02:45 AM, Isaac David wrote:
> Le mer. 21 déc. 2016 à 9:56, invivo <invivo at bitmessage.ch> a écrit :
>> My thought now is that the problem is in the linux-libre kernel
>> not using the proper image (zImage) to be renamed vmlinuz-linux-libre in
>> the boot directory. I did diffs of all the files used in the uboot
>> packages' PKGBUILD tarball against the Arch Arm counterpart and found no
>> really important difference except that Arch uses zImage and Parabola
>> uses the vzlinuz image which is a mv rename of the zImage during
>> linux-libre packaging.
> This has always been the case in Parabola, from back when I was
> actually using it on a Beaglebone Black. We did this change to
> allow for multiple kernels to be selected from an interactive
> bootloader (extlinux or grub); whereas in Arch ARM multiple
> kernels can't coexist, for they are all called `zImage`. The
> standalone uboot packages (like `uboot-am335x_bone`) can't do that,
> but they were changed accordingly from Arch ARM's to look for
> `vmlinuz-linux-libre` rather than `zImage`. So those are hard-coded
> for `linux-libre` only. I think this explains what you are seeing.
> `uboot-am335x_bone` used to *just work* for as long as I used it.
> If you could get your hands on one of these serial cables[1] you would
> be able to see what uboot is doing and debug the problem with us from
> there. It's a shame my BBB reboots every few seconds from a faulty PMIC
> or something, because my serial cable is still healthy.
>> I subsequently attempted to build linux-libre arm on the BeagleBone
>> (Green) (from a git clone of abslibre)and the gpg signature checking
>> fails during the build.
> Probably unrelated to the ARM port. Emulatorman and I build those
> kernels all the time without a hassle. Did you gpg-import the keys
> listed in the PKGBUILD?, you are supposed to do this manually. Are
> you building with `makepkg` or something else? What is the error?
> [1]:
> http://www.dummies.com/computers/beaglebone/how-to-connect-the-beaglebone-black-via-serial-over-usb/

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