[Assist] Parabola on the Beaglebone (Black, Green)

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Thu Dec 22 19:03:13 GMT 2016

In my case, Beaglebone works well

On 12/21/2016 12:56 PM, invivo wrote:
> Hello, all. I have been trying to install Parabola to a Beaglebone Green
> (also applicable to a Beaglebone Black). I tried significant
> troubleshooting of Uboot originally. I gave up and installed Arch Arm,
> which worked immediately and easily at the outset. I attempted to
> migrate to Parabola and had a working system until I replaced the kernel
> and Uboot to completely migrate. I cannot get Parabola's Uboot to work
> no matter how much reading, troubleshooting, and tweaking I do. I
> e-mailed Coadde a long while ago, but he has yet to respond. Has anyone
> else out there successfully installed Parabola onto a Beaglebone(Black,
> Green)? My thought now is that the problem is in the linux-libre kernel
> not using the proper image (zImage) to be renamed vmlinuz-linux-libre in
> the boot directory. I did diffs of all the files used in the uboot
> packages' PKGBUILD tarball against the Arch Arm counterpart and found no
> really important difference except that Arch uses zImage and Parabola
> uses the vzlinuz image which is a mv rename of the zImage during
> linux-libre packaging. I tried to enter this information in an e-mail to
> the assist mailinglist before, but the mailinglist spit back my e-mail.
> I subsequently attempted to build linux-libre arm on the BeagleBone
> (Green) (from a git clone of abslibre)and the gpg signature checking
> fails during the build.  I'm at a loss at this point and would greatly
> appreciate the
> help.
> Best regards, invivo
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