[Assist] Parabola on the Beaglebone (Black, Green)

invivo invivo at bitmessage.ch
Wed Dec 21 15:56:17 GMT 2016

Hello, all. I have been trying to install Parabola to a Beaglebone Green
(also applicable to a Beaglebone Black). I tried significant
troubleshooting of Uboot originally. I gave up and installed Arch Arm,
which worked immediately and easily at the outset. I attempted to
migrate to Parabola and had a working system until I replaced the kernel
and Uboot to completely migrate. I cannot get Parabola's Uboot to work
no matter how much reading, troubleshooting, and tweaking I do. I
e-mailed Coadde a long while ago, but he has yet to respond. Has anyone
else out there successfully installed Parabola onto a Beaglebone(Black,
Green)? My thought now is that the problem is in the linux-libre kernel
not using the proper image (zImage) to be renamed vmlinuz-linux-libre in
the boot directory. I did diffs of all the files used in the uboot
packages' PKGBUILD tarball against the Arch Arm counterpart and found no
really important difference except that Arch uses zImage and Parabola
uses the vzlinuz image which is a mv rename of the zImage during
linux-libre packaging. I tried to enter this information in an e-mail to
the assist mailinglist before, but the mailinglist spit back my e-mail.
I subsequently attempted to build linux-libre arm on the BeagleBone
(Green) (from a git clone of abslibre)and the gpg signature checking
fails during the build.  I'm at a loss at this point and would greatly
appreciate the

Best regards, invivo

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