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Fri Aug 26 03:28:52 BST 2016

On 08/25/2016 06:03 AM, dan klutmeyer wrote:
> Hello I am a member of FFS among others and the reason for this email is received another email today asking I download the new add on. The add on sounds good but I know little about it. Also I have never tried the GNU/Linux OS mostly because my computer code skills are limited. I live in a small northern town in British Columbia Canada and if the install does not go well I am sure I can remove that but from what he had in an earlier email getting the GNU/Linux OS working with my Window !0 OS may require some extra steps. That email is likely long gone but even those instructions sounded like they may max my skills lol.
> I have a few questions as well. Will my Windows OS still be usable at anytime when the GNU is enabled. OR does it not matter. Meaning no special skills required for the GNU OS except when coding. I would like to try it and certainly want to support it. Maybe might even get to talk with someone after 4- 5 months of fumbling around the open source. Todays email from Donald at FFS stressed the urgency and supplied the link here so I have no excuse for not trying.
> This is me reaching out.
> Thanks in advance Dan
> BTW using my email is fine or if you send another way I will use it
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Hi Dan,

I'm no authority, but generally speaking: Parabola GNU/Linux is one of
the more difficult flavors of GNU/Linux to install and configure. That's
because it is based off of Arch GNU/Linux, which is more for
do-it-yourself types. If you're new to GNU/Linux, I suggest Trisquel
GNU/Linux: https://trisquel.info which is more easy for beginners, both
Windows and Mac users alike. As you learn more, you can "graduate" up to
more challenging distros.


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